Traveling This Summer? Here’s A Map Of The Strictest And Most Lenient States For Marijuana Possession

If you plan on doing a little traveling this summer and part of your trip will involve bringing along your stash of weed let this map and the graphic below be your “How-To Guide” for traveling with marijuana.

A quick at-a-glance…
— Weed may be legal in Colorado, but carrying more than 8 ounces of it can earn you a felony.
— Cross state lines into Arizona and possession of any amount of marijuana is felonious.
— Lenient Louisiana: Less than 60 pounds? No problem there!

strictest most lenient states marijuana felony



Turns out that some of the so-called “pot-friendly states” aren’t as lenient as we thought.

You’ve been warned.

Graphics courtesy DrugTreatment.comMarijuana image by Shutterstock