The Different Ways To Dab Concentrates

Dabbing concentrates

Dabbing is a slang term that means different things for different people. Some may refer to it as the dance but among cannabis users, it refers to vaping cannabis concentrates. There are several dabbing tools available on the market, and the number is rapidly increasing. For most beginners who just ditched the conventional smoking method, Read the full article…

Seattle’s Top Cop Buys Pot — Legally!

Alison Holcomb, author of I-502, opens Seattle's first legal pot shop.

WASHINGTON: The Evergreen State became the second state in the union to allow for recreational marijuana sales to adults.  More than 200 customers waited in line, along with an equal number of press — straight, cannabis and internet — at Seattle’s Cannabis City in SODO. ACLU Attorney and I-502 author Alison Holcomb spoke, as did Read the full article…

‘Subway Vigilante’ Goetz Busted In Pot Sale

"Subway Vigilante" Goetz arrested after selling a small amount of weed to NYCPD.

NEW YORK: Bernhard Goetz — the infamous “subway vigilante” who became part of New York City lore when he shot four youths who he said were threatening him on the subway in 1984 — was busted Friday evening for peddling $30 worth of pot to an undercover female cop, The Post has learned.