Medical Marijuana System Overhaul Draws Criticism

The recommendations would tie medical marijuana, a largely unregulated market approved by voters in 1998, to the state’s licensed recreational marijuana system, approved last year. Rules adopted last week for licensing recreational marijuana growers and processors would apply to medical marijuana. Only licensed recreational marijuana stores with a state endorsement could accept medical marijuana authorizations and legally sell to those patients.

WASHINGTON: A proposal by state agencies to overhaul Washington’s medical marijuana system, restricting access and toughening requirements for patients, faced immediate criticism by some advocates for the drug.

‘Trooper’ Helps Light Joint At Local Festival, Fools Internet Sites

Sarich said dressing up as a trooper was a spur of the moment thing that happened after someone suggested he go put it on, and no one really thought he was a real trooper.

WASHINGTON: An activist who opposes I-502, the law legalizing recreational marijuana use in Washington, tricked popular websites with a video that appeared to show a Washington State Trooper help light a giant, 2-pound joint.

Medical Marijuana Folks ‘Justifiably Scared’ By WA State Rules, Fed Threat

Medical marijuana advocate Steve Sarich takes a clipping from a plant at his Access 4 Washington collective in Sodo on Wednesday, September 4, 2013.

WASHINGTON: The federal government has said it won’t challenge Washington and Colorado’s legal pot markets and Washington has just released its latest versions of the rules that will govern that market here. Both of those facts has medical marijuana advocates running for cover.