Panhandle Politicians Separated By Pot Policies

TEXAS: In the race for State Senate District 31, which covers 37 counties from the Texas Panhandle to the Permian Basin, Republican Sen. Kel Seliger and Libertarian Steven Gibson of Midland fall on the same side of many issues.

Traditionally conservative emphasis on keeping taxes low, maintaining the second amendment and securing the Texas-Mexico border all are high priorities for the pair, but marijuana legalization might be their biggest contrast.

Gibson, a petroleum land man, stands against the War on Drugs when it comes to marijuana and hemp, which he thinks should be legal.

“It’s a failure, just as prohibition was a failure, and we ought to treat marijuana just like alcohol,” he said.

“Especially medical marijuana needs to be legalized, because it’s the only thing that helps people with some diseases. We could save money on that and bring in more revenue.”