New Marijuana Law Section in Michigan State Bar

MICHIGAN:  Michigan’s medical marijuana law has been called confusing and inconsistent, but a group of attorneys is now working to help people better understand it.

The group recently gained recognition from the State Bar of Michigan, which makes Michigan the second state to have a Marijuana Law Section of the state bar. The other is Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal. That state has a Cannabis Law Committee.

“This isn’t just going to be a social club. This is going to be a proactive section that’s going to try to get some things done,” Lapeer attorney Bernard Jocuns, who will serve as the new Marijuana Law Section’s chair, told 24 Hour News 8 in a Wednesday phone interview.

Jocuns had to get at least 50 other Michigan attorneys to sign on in order to get approval from the Michigan State Bar Board of Commissioners. He was notified of the approval just days ago.