Going To Pot? No, NCAA Gets It Right By Reducing Standards On Marijuana

Marijuana is no longer the Devil’s Weed when it comes to the NCAA.

The association will never say that. But its language in de-mystifying pot — not decriminalizing it — was significant on Tuesday.

The penalty for a positive marijuana test was reduced from a full season to half a season. The Legislative Council forwarded the measure. It is expected to breeze through approval, meaning each positive after August 1 will, in the words, of the University of Texas make it more likely violators will be subject to “campus intervention.”

Commenting on the legislation, USC went a step further in supporting the measure. It said “these issues can be treated the same as academic fraud.”

Bucks’ Larry Sanders After Drug Suspension: ‘I Believe In Marijuana’

WISCONSIN:  Hours after the NBA suspended Larry Sanders for five games after he failed multiple drug tests, the Bucks center told reporters that he believes in marijuana’s medicinal capabilities.

The Journal-Sentinel reports that Sanders addressed the drug in detail prior to Milwaukee’s road game against Chicago.

“It’s something I feel strongly about, just to let you know something personal about me,” Sanders said in an interview with the Journal Sentinel and nba.com. “I will deal with the consequences from it. It’s a banned substance in my league. But I believe in marijuana and the medical side of it. I know what it is if I’m going to use it.”

UFC Champ Ronda Rousey Says Marijuana Testing Is ‘invasion Of Privacy’

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is firmly against marijuana testing in MMA.

Rousey is not outraged by any negative press in the wake of Jessica Eye becoming the first female UFC fighter to test positive for a banned substance. Rather, she feels the situation has brought to light an issue with drug testing in the sport.

Penalties for testing positive for marijuana vary among different sanctioning bodies that oversee the sport. But regardless of if the punishments are lenient or hefty, Rousey says this specific substance is irrelevant to competition and therefore shouldn’t be considered when drug testing takes place. [Read more…]

Ayanbadejo Says Teammates On One Of His Super Bowl Teams Used Marijuana Week Of Game

MARYLAND:  Without offering specific details, former Ravens and Chicago Bears linebacker and special-teams ace Brendon Ayanbadejo said teammates were smoking marijuana in the days leading up to one of the two Super Bowls he played in.

During a FOX Sports podcast with former NFL linebacker Scott Fujita, Ayanbadejo didn’t disclose which team it was, and he didn’t name names. [Read more…]

Why The NFL Should Embrace Medical Marijuana

The NFL is in the process of updating its 2010 Policy and Program for Substance Abuse, which currently says any player who tests positive for medical marijuana shall forfeit pay during their suspension.  In the December 23rd issue of ESPN The Magazine an article by Howard Bryant suggests that the NFL embrace medical marijuana. At Americans for Safe Access, we could not agree more. The  following is an open letter to the two most powerful people in football to explain why and to provide policy suggestions they should consider when drafting the new NFL Policy and Program for Substance Abuse.

Dear NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and NFL Players’ Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith,

No one needs to tell you that players in the National Football League get hurt, or that managing pain is a part of the game. Or that long after they’ve left the field, 9 out of 10 players continue to suffer. You’ve seen the studies that track injuries and the abuse of painkillers, not to mention the devastating effects of concussions. You’ve funded care and reached financial settlements. [Read more…]