420WholesalePack.com Celebrates New Spokane Distribution Center & Partnership With Growers United

WASHINGTON: 420WholesalePack.com is hosting an industry Open House at the company’s new distribution center in Spokane, as an extension to its sponsorship at the King Cannabis Expo to celebrate the companies expanding presence in Eastern Washington, as well as its new partnership with Growers United in Spokane Valley, WA to bring cannabis packaging supplies and automated packaging solutions to i502 producers & processors in Eastern Washington.


The event takes place at 6515 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99212 on the Monday and Tuesday after the show —  October 2nd and 3rd.  to celebrate the companies expanding presence in Eastern Washington, as well as its new partnership with Growers United in Spokane Valley, WA to bring cannabis packaging supplies and automated packaging solutions to i502 producers & processors in Eastern Washington.


MJBA Founder To Talk Media And PR At King Cannabis Expo

WASHINGTON: Before he founded the influential Marijuana Business Association in 2012, MJBA Founder David Rheins was a successful media and marketing executive, with an impressive track record of brand building at some of the world’s most successful media companies, including Rolling Stone, Spin, and AOL Time Warner.

Rheins is fond of drawing the parallels with his publishing work and his new mission of helping to build the legal cannabis industry.  “The emerging legal cannabis industry is exciting and noisy, chaotic and hyper-competitive,” Rheins told MJNN.  “Tens of thousands of new cannabis brands are vying for consumer attention, shelf-space and market share.  Licensees must navigate complicated and expensive regulations, and are limited in how they market and advertise their legal wares.  Similar to the challenges that faces independent rock & rollers or garage tech startups, today’s legal marijuana entrepreneurs must learn how to effectively stand out from the cacophonous competitive clutter — it’s differentiate or die.”


On Saturday the MJBA founder and executive director will be a featured speaker at the King Cannabis Expo in Spokane, WA, where he’ll speak to an audience of licensed cannabis producers, processors, retailers and brand builders on the topic of  “Managing Your Media and PR.”

Five years ago when I started the MJBA, my mainstream media colleagues thought I was crazy, that I had literally ‘gone to pot.’  Now, those same executives are reaching out looking for unique stories to tell.  That presents a huge opportunity for cannabis companies and thought-leaders,” Rheins said. 



Spokane City Council Uninterested In Regulating Marijuana Industry Out Of Existence

WASHINGTON: There is no desire among a majority of Spokane city officials to further regulate the sale of marijuana downtown absent data showing it is a problem, City Council President Ben Stuckart said.

“I believe that this whole thing is based on fear, not truth or data,” Stuckart said, referring to Monday’s story that Mike Fagan and Downtown Spokane Partnership President Mark Richard were fielding concerns from religious leaders about pot stores opening in the downtown core.

Stuckart said he wanted to ensure legal marijuana businesses that Spokane would not entertain proposals to regulate them out of existence, including adding buffer zones to churches.

“I’m worried that the marijuana industry is going to get the wrong idea,” the city council president said.

Spokane To Allow Removal Of Marijuana Records

WASHINGTON: People who have been convicted of misdemeanor possession of marijuana in Spokane will soon be able to have the conviction removed from their criminal record.

The Spokane City Council voted 6-0 on Monday to allow those convictions to be vacated.

The Spokesman-Review says the convictions won’t go away automatically.

City Council President Ben Stuckart says he expects that by early next year people will be able to fill out a form with Spokane’s Municipal Court to vacate the convictions.

Spokane Police Give Out Few Marijuana Citations

WASHINGTON: Riverfront Park might be the worst place to get high in Spokane.

Data from Spokane Municipal Court shows marijuana users are far more likely to be fined for consuming pot in public by a park security guard than by a Spokane police officer, though they’re unlikely to get a ticket at all.

Citywide, law enforcement officers have written 28 tickets for public consumption of marijuana since March 2013, when an ordinance prohibiting public consumption was added to the city code. Only six of those tickets were written by Spokane police officers, who say they’re usually too busy with other calls for service to deal with pot smokers.

“You’re seeing what the numbers are. That should be indicative of how much of a priority marijuana enforcement is for us,” said Spokane police Capt. Brad Arleth, who oversees the department’s downtown precinct.


Washington Sees Spike In Edible Marijuana Use In Children

WASHINGTON: A recently released report said Washington state has seen a spike in 2015 in children under 5-years-old exposed to edible marijuana.

Marijuana edibles usually come in forms that could be attractive to kids – brownies, muffins, cookies, candy.

Spokane Regional Health District said they got a report from the Washington Poison Center saying that around 30 percent of edible marijuana intoxication cases were children 5-years-old or younger.


Will Work For Weed

WASHINGTON: Start practicing your elevator pitch — the 60-second speech to land you a dream job in the cannabis industry.

The Marijuana Business Association is hosting a job fair and networking event featuring up to 50 cannabis employers and keynote speakers from across the state. Spokane is host to the third MJBA job fair to date. MJBA co-founder David Rheins says upward of 100 jobs were filled at last year’s job fair in Bellevue.

“You can’t find a cannabis job on Craiglist or Monster.com,” he says. “This is an unprecedented opportunity to meet this many employers who are hiring in one room.”

So bring your résumé.

Employers including BioTrackTHC, Triple T Farms, Blue Roots Cannabis and the Walla Walla Cannabis Company will be on hand, alongside speakers like Eden Labs CEO AC Braddock, who will address cannabis business models and the gender pay gap. Both skilled and unskilled workers in industries as varied as web design and agriculture are encouraged to attend.

“This green rush is unlike other economic booms,” Rheins says. “There are more opportunities in this new market, and employers are looking for workers across the spectrum — from insurance salesmen, to growers, to bankers, to security guards.”

MJBA is a Seattle-based trade organization founded in 2012. The organization is 420 businesses strong, with chapters across Washington, Colorado and Oregon. MJBA provides networking and business platforms for the recreational marijuana industry, with sponsored banking seminars, meetups and job fairs.

“We have a very mature cannabist culture, but an underserviced industry that doesn’t have the tools to function,” Rheins says. “When voters approved the commercialization of cannabis, it didn’t provide a framework for real estate, or insurance, or the very basic business principals that this emerging industry needs to flourish under such scrutiny.”

The association essentially teaches “Business 101” to the hundreds of mom-and-pop stores that have opened since I-502 passed. The job fairs aim to not only highlight, but normalize professional trades in the marijuana industry, and bring together the once-underground community.

“Our disadvantage — our lack of infrastructure — is also our biggest advantage,” Rheins says. “We can build a more intentional market.” ♦

Spokane Cannabis Job Fair • Sat, June 20, from 10 am-4:20 pm • Free • 21+ • Spokane Convention Center • 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. • mjba.net • (425) 892-9221


MJBA Spokane Moves To New Home With May Meetup

By Morgan

WASHINGTON: More than three dozen leading cannabis industry professionals turned out this week for May monthly meetup of MJBA Spokane this week.  The regular meeting was the first at MJBA’s new location – Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar. The upscale restaurant elegantly situated lakeside created a welcoming environment for cannabis entrepreneurs looking for information, community and opportunity in the rapidly expanding industry.

Among those in attendance were MJBA National Sponsors NORML, represented by Washington NORML Executive Director Kevin Oliver, and Corporate Sponsors Blue Roots.   Tier 3 producer/processor Blue Roots has invested much time and energy building out their producer/processor facility, located southwest of downtown Spokane in a large industrial park. They offer a full cannabis product line, including premium flowers extractions and packaging for brands like Cinex, Super Max OG, Pine Skunk.

brcc-logo-jpg-250pxAccording to company leaders, Blue Roots utilizes a Vertically Integrated Continuous Cultivation System (VICCS)®, which allows the producer to maintain a continual harvest schedule in an efficient and hyper controlled environment, while increasing capacity without increasing the overall footprint.

Featured speaker Margee Chambers from Spokane Clean Air, and a team of experts, discussed the issues surrounding cannabis odor and environmental impacts of cannabis cultivation, both indoor and outdoor. 

20150513_103639Two new companies joined the ranks of the more than 420 businesses already enrolled as business members of MJBA – Spokane Producer,, and Science Solutions, SPC, whose mission is to provide multidisciplinary scientific expertise to inform policy around recreational and industrial cannabis. As new MJBA business members, each company was able to enjoy five minutes of stage time before the targeted group to promote their business, generate new business leads and create long-lasting business alliances. 

20150513_104852Additionally, many members took the opportunity to sign up for sponsorships and exhibition space at next month’s Cannabis Job Fair, taking place June 20th at the Spokane Convention Center from 10:00am to 4:20pm. Vendor tables are $250 for MJBA Members, $500 without membership.

Pot Prices Reach A New Low In Washington

WASHINGTON:  A Spokane marijuana retailer said the price of pot has reached a new low.

Pot shop owner Justin Peterson thinks this is the bottom for marijuana prices in Washington and it will finally help eliminate the black market.

Weed for sale at Cinder in Spokane Valley can get as low as a few dollars above or below what many people paid for when the drug was illegal.

When store started selling pot in July you had to pay $25 per gram. Most strains of the drugs are $15 a gram. Retailers said they are not making as much per sale but more people are buying and that is helping their business.

Spokane Sewage Could Be Tested For Marijuana Level As Indicator Of Use; Wastewater Doesn’t Lie

WASHINGTON:  The author of Washington’s recreational marijuana law has suggested that Spokane test its sewage for traces of the cannabis chemical THC, to get a more accurate picture of pot use by residents.

American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Alison Holcomb proposed the idea at a Tuesday meeting of the City Council’s marijuana policy subcommittee.

A scientist for the University of Washington said the proposal is a good idea.

“It’s always good for a chuckle, but it does actually work,” Caleb Banta-Green, a researcher at the University of Washington’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute, said Wednesday.