Seattle Pot Producer Solstice Rolling Out 12,000 Joints Ahead of Super Bowl Sunday

WASHINGTON: A Seattle-based medical marijuana retailer is anticipating Seahawks fans will want a “super bowl” for Sunday’s big game. That’s why employees at Solstice are working to roll a staggering number of joints — 12,000 in all — for its special “12th Pack” promotion ahead of Sunday, when the Seahawks face the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. That works out to roughly 180 to 220 joints made during an eight-hour shift — double the normal pace,NBC affiliate KING5 reported. “It’s not like I go home with cramps or anything,” a smiling employee, Katy Filippone, told the station.

The so-called 12th Pack, which is only being sold to medical marijuana users, is a play on the 12th man — the nickname referring to football fans. Solstice says the 12th Pack is filled with a special “Seahawks Blend,” and hopes to make it available to Washington state’s recreational pot users by next season, KING5 reported. Solstice isn’t the only pot producer hoping to earn some extra green from the Seahawks’ fan base. Last season, a Seattle marijuana delivery service called Green Umbrella began offering a homemade strain named after running back Marshawn Lynch, calling it “Beast Mode O.G.” — a nod to his nickname. For this year’s game, the company has rolled out a new strain called Beast Mode 2.0.

12,000 Joints Rolled For Super Bowl ’12th Pack’

WASHINGTON:  Solstice employees are working double-time to fill orders of their new 12th Pack in time for the Super Bowl.

“It’s not like I go home with cramps or anything,” Katy Filippone smiled.

Filippone is a pre-roll aficionado, but even for her, the joint-rolling speed inside Solstice’s production room is moving fast. She’s rolling about 180-220 joints in an 8-hour shift. That’s double her normal pace.

The 12th Pack sold out within 15 minutes of Solstice releasing their video. So, the medical marijuana supplier decided to light up production.

An Interview With Women’s Cash Flow Expert Debbie Whitlock

By Blair Holt

For aspiring ganga-preneurs, accountability is key.

The modern day entrepreneur is often called upon to be a ‘charismatic’ – someone with a message, both bold and serene, who beams self-belief and gives good brand. But turning one’s sublime agenda into substance is a chancy ride. And many entrepreneurs start to lower their sights once the world starts poking holes in their Big Vision.

Enter Debbie Whitlock.

An entrepreneur and award-winning business leader who now uses her expertise to coach women business owners, Whitlock’s specialty is helping her clients to take the ‘glass ceiling’ off their dreams, and arming them with strategies to navigate the fundamentals of starting a business – or taking it to the next level.

She hosts two radio programs – Femmenation, a series of solution-oriented conversations for women about their lives and relationships, and Femme Finance, which offers guidance and support for women who desire greater mastery over their money.

Whitlock recently spoke at the MJBA’s Women’s Alliance ‘Power to Lead’ gathering on November 6th. There she reflected on what she has seen of the nascent marijuana industry, and urged women to seize the opportunity before them with brio – and strategic smarts.

In a world full of hot-air prosperity pundits, Whitlock offers a refreshing blend of inspiration and grounding. Here she talks about common pitfalls for women entrepreneurs, and what every gal in canna-business needs to have and know so she can hit the ground running.

Young Entrepreneur Shaping WA State's Pot Business

WASHINGTON: Bill Gates made his billions with computers. Mark Zuckerberg did the same with Facebook.

Alex Cooley has visions of perhaps making that list someday in a more nontraditional way.

He grows marijuana. [Read more…]