Marijuana War In Florida

FLORIDA:  The battle lines are drawn. You are either for or against Amendment 2. This will be on the ballot come November. Amendment 2 is the medical marijuana that has THC content. This is the marijuana that will get you high as well as help with nausea especially when you have cancer and must take chemotherapy. This is the marijuana that will be a problem for those that are against its legalization and call it the evil weed.

Last week two men faced off, Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk county is against the legalization of Amendment 2. Attorney John Morgan out of Orlando is for the legalization of Amendment 2. He is for it because he witnessed his father and what cancer did to his body. He was able to procure marijuana for his father and saw for himself how much better his father did against cancer with it. John Morgan did win the debate as most of the audience was also for Amendment 2.

At this time some 88% of those contacted in a poll are for the passage of Amendment 2. It only needs 60% to pass. Florida does have the form of medical marijuana called Charlotte’s Web. This is the form of medical marijuana that has low THC content and is good in an oil form to help children with epileptic seizures.

The ads that are being used for and against borderline on the ignorant. The ones that depict marijuana an evil substance are ludicrous. The ads that are for legalization are a little better but they are making them almost silly. I know they are simply trying to make them for all to understand but most voters are not stupid.