Study: Arrests For Marijuana Offenses Increasing In Many States

Former NORML director and Shenandoah University professor Jon Gettman,

Ph.D has just published a comprehensive state-by-state analysis of

cannabis arrests in the United States.

The report highlights some upward trends in marijuana-related arrests, and

lots of interesting charts that help activists, media, policy makers and

general public know about the huge scope and expense of trying to maintain

criminal sanctions on marijuana possession and commerce, notably when:

1) The American public no longer supports cannabis prohibition (58%

support legalization according to Gallup).

2) Over half the states have reformed their cannabis laws in one form or

another, with the states of Colorado and Washington mightily deviating

from the federal prohibition by establishing tax-n-regulate policies.

3) Voters in states like Oregon, Alaska and Florida will likely further

push down the federal prohibition by passing substantive reform

initiatives at the ballot box this fall.

Since the the late 1980s Dr. Gettman has published numerous reports and

analysis on cannabis arrests, and this most recent review and analysis

only adds to an already impressive body of work in the field.

To view executive summary and new arrest report, click here.