Over $11,000 Raised In A Month To Overturn Harmful Washington Medical Marijuana Bill

WASHINGTON:  A campaign to place an injunction on, and overturn Washington State’s Senate Bill 5052 has raised over $11,000 from 118 people in just one month.

Senate Bill 5052, signed by Governor Inslee in April, makes several changes to the state’s medical cannabis law, including drastically reducing the amount of cannabis patients can possess and cultivate, establishing a patient registry and closing down dispensaries.

In response, a team of attorneys, with the help of the nonprofit organization Sensible Washington, announced last month that they will be filing a series of lawsuits to injunct, and eventually overturn this new law (which takes full effect on July 1st, 2016).

Washington State Lawmakers Mull Bill To Defelonize Simple Drug Possession

WASHINGTON:  Arrests for simple drug possession would no longer be a felony if state lawmakers approve a measure that received its first hearing Tuesday at the state legislature.

Proponents of the bill say the war on drugs has needlessly ruined lives.

Sponsors of the bill (HB 2116) claim two million people have been locked in prison for simply possessing a controlled substance. And after these people have served their time, they emerge with a chance at very few jobs. It’s all because of the label “felon.” [Read more…]

Effort to Defelonize Drug Possession Launches in Washington

WASHINGTON: The nonprofit organization Sensible Washington announced today that they will be moving forward with new legislation designed to defelonize drug possession in the State of Washington. The group plans to have the proposal filed in the upcoming legislative session. [Read more…]