Y502K – MJ Freeway Migration In Washington Delayed

By David Busby

WASHINGTON: It was announced yesterday that MJ Freeway, with about 10 days until go-live is not ready. The LCB has offered what they refer to as a “generous” offer to BioTrackTHC who has declined to extend their services.

So, now we have a scenario where the current system becomes reduced in functionality starting on the 25th of Croptober, and is offline from October 29th, until the morning of Oct 31st. A disaster, we could all see coming months ago despite MJ Freeway claiming that all would be well.

To prepare for this disaster farms should do the following things:

The MJ Freeway system is just not ready, currently, it cannot take new plants, it cannot convert, it cannot transfer and it can barely record a retail sale.  With only 10 days to go there is simply not enough time for MJF to complete the task.  Once this goes live on Oct 31st be prepared for another three months of broken sh*t.

Brown Asks For Tighter Medical Marijuana Restrictions

OREGON:  Gov. Kate Brown on Friday added pressure to a group of lawmakers working to regulate Oregon’s medical marijuana market, saying she wants the state to require a tracking system that follows marijuana from the day it’s planted to the day it’s sold.

Brown wrote she supports the system, known as seed-to-sale, in a letter to members of the joint legislative committee tasked with regulating marijuana before possession becomes legal for adults July 1.

Seed-to-sale tracking would add costs for medical marijuana growers and processors, Brown said. But she wrote she believes “anything short of a strong tracking system” would result in lost revenue that would otherwise come to the state through the recreational market.


Medical Pot Dilemma: Where To Get The First Seeds?

ILLINOIS:  As more states legalize medical marijuana, there’s one stage in the process nobody wants to talk about: the part where people still have to break the law.

After growers obtain licenses, plan for security and build facilities, they then must obtain their first seeds or cuttings — while regulators turn a blind eye.

“It has to be hush-hush,” said Bradley Vallerius, an attorney focused on the emerging industry in Illinois. “I’ve seen the moment where the client realizes this is a problem” — and wonders how they’re supposed to get started.

The situation is known as the “immaculate conception” or the “first seed” problem. Those involved see it as an absurd consequence of the nation’s patchwork of laws, with 23 states allowing medical marijuana sales, Colorado and Washington state allowing recreational use and a federal prohibition in place.


Marijuana Software Company Allows Pot Businesses To Liaise With Banks

COLORADO:  A Kansas City, Mo.-based software company has come up with a way to enable marijuana dispensaries to do business with banks.

Agrisoft Development Group is beta testing kiosks in a dispensary in Northglenn, Colo. that will allow customers to order and pay for weed, then have armored vehicles pick up the cash and deliver it to banks. The company also provides seed-to-sale tracking software to help its customer comply with Colorado laws.

When arriving at a dispensary, a patient or retail client scrolls through a list of products, including photos and pricing, inserts his identification card and feeds cash into a bill acceptor, which will provide change if needed. Customers also have the option of using a debit card.

The kiosk verifies payment and identification before printing out a receipt for the customer to take to the counter to get the product. At the end of the day, an armored truck service picks up the cash from the kiosk and delivers it directly to the dispensary’s bank.