Officials Blast Marijuana Initiative: ‘What’s Next, Whorehouses?’

OHIO:  A ballot initiative to legalize marijuana and create a for-profit industry was ripped yesterday by some of Ohio’s top elected officials, who called it “outrageous” and a “stupid idea” to create a dangerous constitutional monopoly.

“I don’t know (if) I’ve ever seen a worse idea than this,” Secretary of State Jon Husted said at a Columbus forum sponsored by the Associated Press.

Auditor Dave Yost called it “outrageous we are creating business monopolies by ballot issues. … What’s next, 12 monopolies for whorehouses in the 12 largest counties?”

Four of the top five Republican nonjudicial officeholders — Gov. John Kasich was not there — slammed ResponsibleOhio’s plan to give 10 individuals or investor groups who fund the campaign exclusive rights to operate one of 10 businesses in the lucrative “growth and cultivation of marijuana and the extraction of cannabinoids.” The goal is to put the issue to public vote this November.