LA Pot Shop Removes Weed-Smoking Santa Art

CALIFORNIA: Santa was a little too jolly for neighbors of a marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles.

The Harbor House of Dank was forced to remove a pot-smoking Santa painting from its window following complaints.

The dispensary in San Pedro commissioned a local artist for the paintings, which depicted Santa smoking a blunt and a snowman holding a prescription bottle, Los Angeles TV station KCAL reported.

Washington Celebrates Hot Pot Products For The High Holidays

WASHINGTON: Live from the GreenPole, Higher Ground hit the Hot Pot Product Bazaar for the High Holidays! Check out the greatest gifts on Earth for cannabis connoisseurs!

And if you’re lucky, Sativa Santa will pay you a visit this year! (Make sure to leave him milk and cookies…) Thanks to the wonderful sponsors and MJBA (Marijuana Business Association)!