Cypress Hill Rapper B-Real A Winner In Santa Ana’s Marijuana Lottery, Now Can Be A Real ‘Dr. Greenthumb’

CALIFORNIA:  Hip-hop group Cypress Hill gained fame in the 1990s with marijuana-themed songs like “Dr. Greenthumb.”

Now one of its members might become a real Dr. Greenthumb after he and 19 other applicants won a city lottery Thursday to put them on a path to legally distribute medical marijuana in Santa Ana.

City officials held the lottery at the Santa Ana City Council Chambers two months after residents voted to legalize and tax medical marijuana shops. Santa Ana will likely become the first city in Orange County to have legally operating medical marijuana dispensaries since most cities banned the operations in recent years.

“I think Santa Ana is willing to take the chance to see if this actually works, kind of like Colorado did with respect to putting the legalization in place,” said Cypress Hill rapper Louis Freese, better known as B-Real, who said he plans to name his collective Dr. Greenthumb.

Medical Marijuana Shops Will Legally Operate In Santa Ana

CALIFORNIA:  After spending years chasing illegal medical marijuana shops out of town, some cities in Orange County have found a new way to play defense.

If you can’t beat them – legalize them.

“The city is regulating instead of the medical dispensaries regulating us,” said Sal Tinajero, Mayor Pro Tem for the city of Santa Ana.

On Thursday, the city of Santa Ana will hold a lottery to give 12 to 20 prospective pot shop owners a chance to obtain a permit to legally sell marijuana.  The city received more than 600 applications for spots,  bringing in more than $1 million in application fees.


For Pot, Politics Remain Local In California

CALIFORNIA:  Medical marijuana dispensaries are outlawed in the Southern California city of Santa Ana, but that hasn’t stopped pot shops from flourishing.

Officials estimate there are at least 60 doing business, even though the city has repeatedly gone to court, issued fines, cut off water and power to storefronts, and called in federal drug agents and local police to enforce the ban.

This fall, like several other cities and counties in California, Santa Ana is trying a new tactic for regulating pot – the ballot box. Recognizing its losing battle against weed, the Santa Ana City Council is asking voters to consider a measure that would allow pot dispensaries under strict operating rules.

The proposal came after medical marijuana activists seeking to end the prohibition on shops qualified a much more liberal initiative for the city ballot.