Glenview Medicinal Marijuana Store Would Be ‘Fort Knox’

ILLINOIS:  In support of opening a medicinal marijuana store in Glenview, a lawyer said it would be the most secure building in the village.

Chicago attorney Sanford Stein spoke Aug. 26 before the Glenview Plan Commission, representing resident and businesswoman Julie Stone.

She wants to open Greenleaf Organics, a dispensary at 3240 W. Lake Ave. near Pickwick Avenue and Greenwood Road. The Plan Commission and Glenview Village Board are scheduled to review the application before sending it the Illinois Department of Public Health prior to the Sept. 22 deadline for possible licensing.

Stein said the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act in Illinois had high safety and law standards.

“This is an Illinois law, not a Colorado, California or Michigan law. The compassionate use law here is the most restrictive medical cannabis law in the country,” he said.