San Diego City Council Passes Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Regulations

CALIFORNIA:  The San Diego City Council on Tuesday passed regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries in San Diego that will limit the establishments to no more than four per council district. The 8-1 vote, with Councilman Mark Kersey dissenting, sets zoning and operating restrictions for collectives. The panel has addressed the issue numerous times since California‘s Read the full article…

San Diego Drafts Ordinance To Give Marijuana Dispensaries Clear Rules To Operate Legally

CALIFORNIA: Medical marijuana has been argued for years in San Diego, but operating dispensaries within city limits remains illegal 17 years after Californians passed the Compassionate Use Act. A draft ordinance to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries in San Diego is slated to go before the City Council in February, according to Interim Mayor Todd Gloria. Public Read the full article…

San Diego Files Complaint To Shut Down North Park Medical Marijuana Dispensary

CALIFORNIA: The San Diego City Attorney’s Office Code Enforcement Unit filed a civil complaint in Superior Court to force a medical marijuana dispensary in North Park to shut down because it was operating illegally under city zoning laws, it was announced Friday.

Medical Marijuana Restrictions Reinstated by Interim San Diego Mayor

CALIFORNIA: The San Diego Police Department and the city’s Neighborhood Code Compliance Office have been ordered to resume enforcing medical marijuana zoning restrictions, Interim Mayor Todd Gloria said Thursday.