Legal Marijuana Business 2015: Accurate Testing For Potency Lacking In Cannabis Industry, But May Be On Its Way

ILLINOIS:  Everything from antacids to frozen veggies has a label detailing nutritional values and active ingredients, but when it comes to cannabis that information has been sorely lacking. How does one know how much to ingest or inhale if potency information is lacking?

Sage Analytics has an answer. The company, one of 162 exhibitors at last week’s Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Chicago, wants to bring pharmaceutical-level testing to the cannabis industry with the Luminary Profiler, a black box that measures potency on-site within seconds. Marijuana leaves are sprinkled or extracts are dripped onto a lens that uses spectroscopy “to instantly measure the potency of cannabis products on the molecular level,” the company’s literature says.

“It’s a matter of consumer safety,” said Matt Kaplan, president of the company. “You wouldn’t want to drink something you thought was a pinot grigio and find out later it was 151 proof rum.”

The $50,000 device, which is not yet on the market, can be used in retail stores or at growing operations. One advantage is the testing process does not destroy the sample as chromatography, which separates organic and inorganic compounds, and other testing methods do.