Holiday Inn Boycott: Marijuana Advocates Take Aim At Frisco, Colorado Hotel In Online Reviews

COLORADO:  Marijuana advocates from California to North Carolina have taken to Yelp to lambast the owners of a Frisco, Colorado, Holiday Inn. The hotel’s parent company, New Vision Hotels Two LLC, is at the center of a lawsuit aimed at dismantling the state’s legal weed industry.

A receptionist for the Frisco Holiday Inn said the hotel has also received several calls from people expressing their displeasure with the hotel’s involvement in the lawsuit, filed jointly with the Washington, D.C.-based Safe Streets Alliance on Feb. 19.

The lawsuit, filed with the U.S. District Court in Denver, claims that the Holiday Inn’s business has suffered because of the proposed addition of a retail pot shop across the parking lot from the hotel, although the dispensary has yet to open. Yelp users have responded harshly to the lawsuit.

“The owners of Holiday Inn Summit County apparently feel that marijuana users belong in prison with their houses seized, like the ‘good’ old days,” wrote one Yelp user identified as Harlowe T. of Loma Linda, California. “Anti-business businesses are BAD businesses,” wrote Yelp user Damian M. of Concord, North Carolina. “Of course I am talking about the suit filed to try to get rid of the weed laws in CO.”