ManifestSeven Acquires The People’s Kush, Further Expanding Retail Reach

Cannabis delivery service provides access to broader Sacramento market

CALIFORNIA: ManifestSeven, California’s first integrated omni-channel platform for legal cannabis, today announced the acquisition of The People’s Kush, a legal cannabis delivery service based in Davis, California.

The People’s Kush will be integrated into M7’s retail arm Weden, which has storefront and delivery operations across the state, and will help drive operational expansion into areas ranging from Napa Valley in the southwest to the Greater Sacramento area in the northeast.

peoples kush davis ca“M7 sees tremendous growth potential in The People’s Kush, especially when it comes to serving surrounding population centers and tourism destinations,” said Pierre Rouleau, Chief Operating Officer of ManifestSeven. “We are committed to reaching every corner of the state, and this highly-scalable operation connects our retail footprint with a concentrated local population and tourism base.”

The People’s Kush has been in operation since 2017, building a loyal customer base by serving the communities of Davis, Woodland and areas of Yolo County, but has not yet established a presence in larger nearby markets, which will provide significant growth opportunities for its operations.

“We are excited to be a joining a market leader in M7, allowing user to reach a broader, under serviced part of Northern California with greater efficiency,” said Ishar Dhaliwal, Founder of The People’s Kush. “Integrating into this powerful omni-channel platform will also create a more seamless environment for our customers in accessing the highest quality legal cannabis products. We are grateful to our community for its ongoing support and look forward to continued growth with M7.”


Medical Marijuana Advocates Object To County Water Rule

CALIFORNIA:  The Sacramento Board of Supervisors amended a water wasting regulation to exclude mention of medical marijuana, but advocates who testified at the meeting say they are still unhappy about the the regulation’s intent.

The regulation originally specifically mentioned illegal marijuana grows, which would be subject to a $500 fine per plant for water wasters.

The language was included by Supervisor Roberta McGlashen, who two years ago successfully introduced a ban on outdoor medical marijuana grows. Up to nine plants can still be grown indoors.

Even before a long line of protestors testified, Board Chair Phil Serna intended to introduce a substitute amendment that took the marijuana language out, saying that any illegal activity that wastes water would be subject to enforcement.


Concentrated Cannabis Qualifies As Medical Marijuana, California Court Rules

CALIFORNIA:  A state appellate court in Sacramento has ruled that “concentrated cannabis” qualifies as marijuana for purposes of medical use.

A unanimous three-justice panel of the 3rd District Court of Appeal disagreed this week with an earlier ruling by El Dorado Superior Court Judge James R. Wagoner and reversed the judge’s decision that a medical marijuana patient violated probation by possessing concentrated cannabis.

Sean Patrick Mulcrevy, of Cameron Park, was charged in 2013 with unlawful possession of concentrated cannabis, a misdemeanor, and was alleged to have violated his probation because of his failure “to obey all laws.”

Wagoner reviewed the existing legal authority indicating that concentrated cannabis is covered by California’s Compassionate Use Act, or CUA, the 1996 voter initiative approving medical use of marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation. But Wagoner rejected the authority as “unsound” and ruled that “the (CUA) does not apply to concentrated cannabis” because the act does not define marijuana, refer to concentrated cannabis or incorporate statutory definitions of either term.

Sacramento County To Limit Indoor Marijuana Growth

CALIFORNIA:  Sacramento County supervisors are expected Tuesday to limit the indoor growth of marijuana to nine plants per house in unincorporated areas.

The indoor restriction comes nearly two months after the Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to ban outdoor marijuana growth, joining a number of other California cities and counties that have targeted cultivation in response to safety and nuisance complaints. Sheriff Scott Jones said earlier this year a profusion of marijuana grows have led to burglaries and, in some cases, fatal shootings.

Supervisors said a separate indoor rule that allows for limited growth acknowledges the need for patients to provide for their own needs without disturbing other county residents. The new ordinance allows for indoor growth of nine plants only in single-family detached homes. It also specifies that plants must be concealed from public view.

Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan introduced the restrictions earlier this year, citing complaints from residents.


Sacramento County California Bans Outdoor Marijuana Crops

CALIFORNIA:  Sacramento County supervisors have unanimously voted to ban outdoor marijuana crops after hearing from law enforcement officials who said the region has seen an explosion of grow sites.

The Sacramento Bee reports Sheriff Scott Jones told supervisors Tuesday that marijuana plants have increased throughout the county because of a lack of clarity in federal and state laws and inconsistent prosecution.

County aides and law enforcement showed numerous aerial photos of reported grow sites, including open space near a school and sports complex.

The new restrictions would apply to unincorporated Sacramento County and likely take effect in mid-June.

Landlord Challenges Feds in Calif Medical Pot Case

CALIFORNIA:  The feds never kicked down the door of Tony Jalali’s building and raided the medical pot shops that rented space from him.

Letters were sent to him informing him that having a dispensary in his Orange County office building violated U.S. law and it could be taken from him. Once a lawsuit was filed against him by the U.S. government, Jalali booted the lone remaining clinic. [Read more…]