Star Leaf Branded Cannabis Arrives In Washington State

Launches At Clear Choice Cannabis Of Lakewood, WA

WASHINGTON: Star Leaf Enterprises today announced that it has formed an exclusive partnership with the producers of the science fiction classic film, “Star Leaf,” to promote and market Star Leaf brand cannabis and merchandise.

Sativa, indica, and hybrid strains are being cultivated by Phoenix Cannabis Company, LLC, an independent organic farm in Tumwater, Washington. Star Leaf cannabis and paraphernalia are available for public purchase starting today at Clear Choice Cannabis in Lakewood, Washington with additional locations planned for 2017.

According to lore in the 2015 award-winning movie Star Leaf smoking or using Star Leaf cannabis allows users to explore human consciousness and the innermost secrets of the universe, without letting alien karma feeders hijack their highs.  While adventure and humor abound in the movie, issues facing combat veterans are explored in some depth as well.  The film stars Russell Hodgkinson of the hit SyFy series “ZNation”, a veteran himself of the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division.


The Star Leaf brand breaks new marketing ground by using themes and characters from the existing fictional movie to deliver an innovative brand presence, including an online video campaign and an in-store retail experience.

“I’m very excited to bring actual Star Leaf cannabis to our fans!” says Star Leaf creator, director, and actor, Richard Cranor.  “The message of the film has resonated so well with folks in the cannabis culture.  We can’t wait to continue our journey with them.”

“We’re excited to join the Star Leaf universe and bring our unique approach to cannabis cultivation to all,” adds Howie Clark, sales associate at Phoenix Cannabis Company.

“We’re looking forward to adding this unique brand to our retail offerings,” says Shawn Sortlund, co-founder and Product Manager at Clear Choice Cannabis, near Tacoma, Washington.  “The Star Leaf folks are definitely on the cutting edge of cannabis-related entertainment and messaging.  We couldn’t be happier they are bringing a cannabis product to the masses.”

Star Leaf Film Sponsors Cannabis Space Launch

WASHINGTON: The creators of the stoner alien sci-fi film “Star Leaf” are having a contest to promote a RocketStar space launch at NASA’s Cape Canaveral 39c Launch Pad in the coming weeks. The launch will be filmed by Discovery Channel Canada.

According to a recent article in Popular Mechanics, RocketStar technologies out of New York City have designed a single stage rocket capable of reaching orbital altitudes using its areospike engine technology. It hopes to lead the way in the new space economy, allowing anyone to put a small CubeSat Satellite into space for around $6,000 dollars.

The first launch will be a test to reach 10,000 feet in altitude. Star Leaf Enterprises is having a contest to decide what exactly should be put in the rocket as part of the test flight. Winners will receive Star Leaf autographed DVDs and merchandise. NASA will not allow any actual cannabis on the flight – but any item (cannabis-inspired only) under two ounces is allowed. Contest submissions can be tweeted to @starleafmovie on Twitter.

“It might sound silly to some, but the idea of being able to connect a concept in the film to something tangible in real life is amazing” says the film’s director, Richard Cranor.

Founder and CEO of RocketStar Christopher Craddock says the technology can eventually offer cannabis entrepreneurs future “space delivery” of their products to orbiting space stations, or orbital drops anywhere in the world in 20 minutes (where legal).

Whether the ability to launch “space weed” chalks up to anything more than a publicity stunt for cannabis companies and entrepreneurs or not, it still offers the public the opportunity to reach out to the cosmos as part of a booming new space industry being led by civilian and private contractors.

The film “Star Leaf” is about an extra-terrestrial strain of marijuana that lands on earth in the distant past. The film’s producers are excited to be a part of RocketStar’s early launch testing and realize the opportunity to have “ET Weed” in real life simply can’t be missed.

“It might sound silly to some, but the idea of being able to connect a concept in the film to something tangible in real life is amazing” says the film’s director, Richard Cranor.

“It might sound silly to some, but the idea of being able to connect a concept in the film to something tangible in real life is amazing” says the film’s director, Richard Cranor.

“Why not launch weed into space? It might prevent an invasion from an aggressive alien species. You never know.”

Submit Your Contest Ideas To: (All possible launch items must weigh under 2 ounces. CANNOT BE ACTUAL CANNABIS.): @starleafmovie

RocketStar Space Program:

RocketStar Overview Video:

Star Leaf now available on Amazon, Google Play. and iTunes

In the event of multiple same ideas being selected, the first entry based on date will be selected. Winners will receive a free autographed DVD, rolling papers, and poster – as well as a thank you video from one of the film’s stars, Ranger Dave. Actual launch date subject to NASA inspections and timetable.

“Star Leaf” Screens August 22nd at Seattle’s Egyptian Theatre

WASHINGTON: If stoner sci-fi is your cup of tea, a new independent film from Titan Sky Entertainment — Star Leaf   —  may be just what you seek.  Debuting Saturday, August 22nd at the Egyptian Theatre in Seattle Washington, and shot on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, this sci-fi thriller follows three friends who search for a forest of extra-terrestrial marijuana hidden deep in the Olympic Mountains – hoping for an out-of-this-world-high that can cure PTSD.

Things start to get strange when a forest ranger mysteriously shows up at their late-night campfire with tales of alien visitors and odd animal behavior in the forest. And when one couple breaks the Star Leaf “code of conduct,” the evil aliens guarding the plant begin to stalk them.

Local filmmaker Richard Cranor penned, directed and plays a supporting role in a film that challenges traditional views of marijuana and PTSD. The film co-stars Russell Hodgkinson and Julian Gavilanes of Sy-Fy’s Z-NATION and features actual “Star Leaf” marijuana plants developed by Ohana Farms to help in PTSD treatment.

The movie begins at 11:55pm – part of the ongoing “Midnight Movie” screenings hosted by the Egyptian and SIFF’s Visiting Programs series.   SIFF ticket sales are available here: