Washington House Readies Its Version Of Pot-Market Overhaul

WASHINGTON:  With the state Senate passing a bill to regulate medical marijuana, Washington’s House of Representatives is preparing its own version of a pot-market overhaul, one that could cut prices at licensed recreational stores.

The measure, sponsored by Rep. Reuven Carlyle, aims to make the state’s legal marijuana stores more competitive with the black market. It calls for eliminating the three-tier tax structure voters approved in Initiative 502 and replacing it with a single excise tax of 30 percent at the point of sale.

But Carlyle’s bill would take effect only if the Senate’s medical marijuana bill also becomes law. That’s to encourage a coordinated approach to the recreational and medical systems, the Seattle Democrat said Tuesday.

“If a strong medical bill doesn’t pass, my bill self-destructs,” Carlyle said Tuesday. “We’ve got to do both, and we’ve got to do both right.”