Olympia’s First Legal Marijuana Retailer Will Open When Supplies Arrive

WASHINGTON:  Green Lady Marijuana is ready to open this weekend as Olympia’s first recreational marijuana retailer.

The only thing missing is the marijuana.

The store was originally slated to open Friday (Aug. 15) at 3044 Pacific Avenue East, Suite B. However, Green Lady’s cannabis suppliers have encountered a few hiccups related to traceability software and product tests, said co-owner Mike Redman. An announcement will be made on Green Lady’s Facebook page and website when supplies finally arrive, possibly as soon as Saturday.

“We’re all waiting patiently,” Redman said Friday while his staff stocked the store’s display cases with glass pipes, bongs and vaporizers.

At first, Green Lady will start off selling higher-end strains until inventory can grow to include edibles and vapor pens, Redman said. Prices will be comparable to other recreational marijuana outlets, he said, noting that Green Lady’s goal is to keep the cost between $15 and $35 per gram. Redman also expects the prices to drop as more product enters the market and growers go through another cycle.


Reports Of Problems Vex Washington Pot Lottery

WASHINGTON: Andrew Elliott is hoping to score one of the golden tickets of Washington’s legal marijuana industry: a license to sell pot, granted in part on a series of high-tech lotteries held this week.

He almost didn’t get a shot. Just days before the lotteries began, the state’s Liquor Control Board informed him he had been disqualified because his proposed pot shop in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood was too close to an area frequented by children — a game arcade which, it turns out, doesn’t exist.

Thanks to quick work by his lawyer, Stephanie Boehl, the board agreed at the last minute to put Elliott back in the Seattle lottery. But some others disqualified haven’t been so lucky.

Interviews with applicants and their attorneys detail a number of reported problems, from one rejection based on a typo to potential issues with the state’s software to technicalities that torpedoed what might otherwise have been strong applications.

Most troubling, they say, is that some people weren’t informed until this week, after the lotteries had started, that they’d been disqualified, leaving them no meaningful way to appeal what might have been mistaken decisions by the board.

Colorado Pot Businesses: We’re Going to Run Out of Weed

COLORADO: On New Year’s Day, some Colorado marijuana dispensaries are set to become the first in the nation to legally sell weed for recreational use.

But it hasn’t been a ride on Easy Street. In addition to trying to clear the hoop maze of local and state licensing issues in time for Jan. 1, local potpreneurs in the Centennial State say a cannabis shortage could strike within a week’s time after opening for business.

Medical marijuana was legalized in Colorado in 2010, and The Denver Post reported earlier this year that there are just under 700 medical marijuana dispensaries in the state, which require customers to have a red card, given to them by a physician, in order to purchase weed. According to the Associated Press, only 160 of those stores have applied to sell recreational pot, which they can only sell to adults over 21 during mandated hours of business. (Which means there will be no late-night stops at the pot shop.)

Those working to comply with regulations and open for recreational sales in 2014 say demand is going to quickly outstrip supply.

“We are definitely going to run out of cannabis. The question is when,” says Denver’s Discreet Dispensary owner Toni Fox, who expects to be cleared to open on Jan. 1 and estimates her shelves will be cleaned out by Jan. 6.


To Tax Or Not To Tax: Marijuana Election One Month Away

COLORADO: Buy a pack of cigarettes, gamble in Black Hawk or have a pint in a bar and you’ll be paying a sin tax.

Colorado voters in November will decide whether marijuana should be taxed similarly once it hits legal retail stores in January. [Read more…]

Boulder County Commissioners Impose Temporary Moratorium On Retail Marijuana License Applications

COLORADO: Boulder County commissioners Tuesday imposed a temporary 22-day moratorium on accepting applications from anyone seeking to engage in retail sales of recreational marijuana, or the growing of that marijuana, in unincorporated parts of the county. [Read more…]

Revised I-502 Rules Would Allow 10 Marijuana Retail Shops In Kitsap County

WASHINGTON: Under revised rules proposed by the Washington State Liquor Control Board, a maximum of 334 state-licensed retail outlets for recreational marijuana — including 10 in Kitsap County — would be allowed under implementation of Initiative 502. Other licensing restrictions would prevent large commercial interests from establishing monopoly control of the marijuana production, processing or retailing sectors. [Read more…]