Washington’s Marijuana Market Mellows

WASHINGTON:  Ramsey Hamide looked across the packed shelves and piled boxes of product in the cramped backroom of Main Street Marijuana and stretched out his arms.

“Look at this,” the store manager said, smiling victoriously. “Nonstop, growers are coming, bringing us samples, new products.”

It’s a vastly different world from six months ago, when Main Street, Clark County‘s first recreational marijuana store, opened its doors on July 9 to widespread shortages.

For the first few months, Hamide spent days on the road, courting growers across the state and trying to build relationships that would secure at least a modest amount of stock for his mostly barren shelves.

But by November and December, the situation had changed significantly, with growers coming to Vancouver to court him, hawking a wide variety of strains, edibles, lozenges and even some oils and concentrates.

Retail Marijuana Sales Will Begin Tuesday In Washington: Here’s What You Need To Know

WASHINGTON:  Fasten your seatbelt and put your tray tables in the upright position. The smoking sign is about to be lit.

You’ve got about 48 hours until licensed, public, retail marijuana sales begin for the first time ever in Washington and the second time ever in the United States.

If the opening day experience earlier this year in Colorado is any guide, then buyers can expect long lines and prices higher than they’ve been paying on the street.

First, however, those buyers need to know which stores will open – and that could prove problematic.

The state Liquor Control Board on Monday will announce the approved locations where marijuana and marijuana-infused products can be sold.