Michigan House Approves Return Of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Edibles

MICHIGAN: The Michigan House on Thursday advanced legislation to update the state’s voter-approved medical marijuana law by allowing for dispensaries and a variety of edible products.

Medical marijuana storefronts had operated in several Michigan communities until a February ruling by the state Supreme Court empowered county prosecutors to shut them down as a “public nuisance.”

Bipartisan legislation introduced by Republican Rep. Mike Callton of Nashville and approved Thursday in a 95-14 vote, would pave the way for the return of dispensaries — or “provisioning centers” — but allow local communities to prohibit them if desired.

Dispensaries would have to provide municipalities with test results ensuring that the medical marijuana they sell is free of contaminants. Edible products would have to be clearly labelled. House Bill 4271 also would prohibit on-premises cultivation or use of the drug and generally prohibit new dispensaries from opening within 1,000 feet of a school.