No Plans In Works For Medical Marijuana Vote In North Dakota

NORTH DAKOTA:   The chairman of the last attempt to get marijuana legalized for medical use in North Dakota says he can’t get fired up about leading another effort anytime soon, even as the debate promises to light up the Minnesota Legislature in February.

Rep. Steve Zaiser, a Democrat who represents Fargo’s District 21, said he has no intent to push a vote on the issues again after the 2012 attempt, which ended when it turned out some of the petitions for the medical marijuana initiative and other proposed ballot measures included faked signatures.

“That was an exhausting – frustrating as well – experience,” Zaiser said.

Other members of the sponsoring committee, including John Helgeland and Brandon Wald of Fargo, have heard no rumblings about renewed attempts to get the medical marijuana issue back in front of voters. But at least one man is ready to jump into the fray again. [Read more…]