Washington State Unveils Recreational Pot Rules

WASHINGTON: Recreational pot users in Washington state would have as many as 334 stores where they would be able to buy marijuana for their smoking pleasure, and the first could open as early as next spring under new regulations released this week. [Read more…]

Colorado Marijuana Law Worries Cheyenne Police Chief

WYOMING: The impact on Cheyenne of Colorado’s new law allowing the recreational use of marijuana isn’t known yet because the neighboring state is still working on rules to govern sales, the city’s police chief says. [Read more…]

21 marijuana stores planned for Seattle, 1,000-foot rule changed

WASHINGTON: The numbers are in: Seattle is planned to have 21 legal marijuana retail locations starting in 2014. 40 additional stores could dot King County, and there will be 334 legal pot retail locations allowed statewide. [Read more…]