Sponsors Announced For Denver 420 Fest and Inaugural Cannabis Tour

COLORADO: ML Capital Group, together with Spanish Peaks ScrumpDelicacies and Puration, Inc., have announced its official sponsorship of the Denver 420 Fest 2017. The annual 4/20 celebration sees thousands of visitors celebrate cannabis legalization while enjoying A-List celebrity appearances and performances.  The event reaches an additional audience numbering in the millions via online exposure through both commercial internet broadcasts and the social media integration.

As an official sponsor, MLCG, PURA and Spanish Peaks ScrumpDelicacies will have their collective brand front and center, both physically at the event and online at the Super Bowl of Cannabis.

MLCG Inaugural Luxury Colorado Cannabis Tour  

MLCG recently announced the pending acquisition of Spanish Peaks ScrumpDelicacies and a corresponding partnership with PURA as the foundation of a strategy to introduce a luxury cannabis tourism service into Colorado’s $19 billion tourism sector.  The luxury cannabis tours in Colorado are an expansion of MLCG’s existing luxury tourism business, which is currently approaching $400,000 in annual sales.  In conjunction with the sponsorship announced today, MLCG plans to launch its inaugural luxury cannabis tour, targeting interested cannabis industry investors wanting to learn more first-hand about Colorado’s cannabis industry.


Recent Recreational And Legal Marijuana Expansions Boost Cannabis Related Travel Experiences

FLORIDA: Cannabis companies are capitalizing on the overwhelming growth and demand throughout the industry, creating unique services and products that are producing significant revenue streams.

One of the fastest growing sectors in leisure travel appears to be the legal cannabis industry that targets individuals who want to learn more about potential investment opportunities in the cannabis and legal marijuana business market space, while experiencing a Napa Valley type of luxury vacation. Puration, Inc and ML Capital Group have partnered to introduce Cannabis Tourism to the New York Times reported 1.2 billion international travelers worldwide.

The Cannabis Tourism Service will initially target what the Denver Post reported as Colorado’s $19 billion tourism industry. Additional Cannabis Tour destinations are in the works.