Canada’s Marijuana Market: The Good, Bad, And Ugly

CANADA:  There is no question that this is an exciting time for investors, market historians, and marijuana enthusiasts. Canada’s Medical Marihuana Purposes Regulations (“MMPR”) has broke new ground for the investing universe as it experiments with a legal marijuana commodities market. The achievements and missteps in Canada’s historic MMPR program will be studied, praised, and ridiculed for years to come.

Since April, we have been at the edge of our seats scrutinizing every development. “Which company will get a license to sell marijuana next?” “Should I invest in publicly traded companies with licenses to sell marijuana in Canada? Or should I invest in companies waiting on a license?”

So far, there are twelve speculative Licensed Producers publicly trading (mostly) over-the-counter.

Rather than trying to figure out which ‘speculative’ play is best, investors should take a look at the current progress and financial performance of licensed producers to manage expectations.