The 23 Ways Colorado Says Marijuana Will Ruin Your Kid’s Life

COLORADO:  Yesterday, in this space, we noted that a new series of public service announcements from the Colorado Department of Transportation, released under the umbrella term “Hank’s How to Get Hit by a Car,” had stolen the thunder from the State of Colorado’s latest anti-marijuana campaign aimed at those under 21.

Here’s why.

Whereas the CDOT spots are bizarre and amusing, the approach taken by Project What’s Next is utterly predictable — a low-key version of War on Drugs era characterizations of cannabis as something that will utterly destroy lives. And such overstatements tend to ring false when a teen smoking his first joint doesn’t wind up dead in a gutter ten minutes later.

The home page of the web site features the phrase “Don’t Let Marijuana Get in the Way of,” with flashing animation filling in different ways to finish that thought.