Why Project CBD Loses Motion To Dismiss $100 Million Lawsuit

CALIFORNIA:  Months ago, Cashinbis broke a story that Project CBD’s industry damning ‘special report’ had been confirmed false by the original testing facility in addition to third party contributions. The news release systematically broke down the inaccuracies and false propagandas that littered Project CBD’s ‘report’ and led to the biggest lawsuit in the history of the cannabis industry. Now, justice seems to be on the horizon for Medical Marijuana, Inc. as a California Superior Court has struck down Project CBD’s Anti-SLAPP motion and motion to reconsider in the ongoing court case between the two companies. It was last October when Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) announced that it had filed a $100M lawsuit against the multiple companies that had published false allegations against MJNA, its portfolio companies and their CBD hemp oil brands.

Interestingly enough, other companies in the suit, including the testing lab who had initially released the false testing report, have settled with MJNA, retracting all reports as incomplete and false. Perhaps even more interesting, Project CBD was recently caught, on camera, attempting to market and sell their own line of competing CBD products at a recent cannabis conference. It’s true what they say, ‘Slander happens in a second. Integrity happens over time’.

The California Superior Court has now ruled twice in favor of MJNA’s lawsuit, striking down Project CBD’s Anti-SLAPP motion in addition to a motion to reconsider.  In filing the Anti-SLAPP motion, Project CBD had attempted to have Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s $100 million lawsuit dismissed on the grounds that it violated Project CBD’s right to free speech.

Hemp Oil Hustlers: A Project CBD Special Report On Medical Marijuana Inc., HempMeds And Kannaway

A half year ago, Project CBD assigned a writer to investigate and report on Medical Marijuana Inc., a penny stock umbrella company that markets “hemp oil” products infused with cannabidiol (CBD), a medicinal component of the cannabis plant. Originally we had hoped to shed light on the complex financial machinations of Medical Marijuana Inc., a subject that had been addressed by a few stock market analysts but not by journalists in general interest publications.

Project CBD was poised to publish Aaron Miguel Cantu’s research when we heard complaints from several sources that people were getting sick, in some cases “violently ill,” when they ingested “Real Scientific Hemp Oil,” Medical Marijuana Inc.’s flagship product. We decided to delay the release of our report until we had a chance to look into whether there was any truth to these allegations.

Our investigation proceeded in an unanticipated direction, involving analytical lab tests, hemp oil production tours, and a crash course in scientific data regarding toxic solvents, heavy metals, and other contaminants. We have presented our findings in this report.