Peter Lewis’ Family Leads In $250,000 Donation To Oregon Initiative Campaign

OREGON:  A political action committee formed by family members of the late billionaire insurance executive Peter Lewis has given $250,000 to a marijuana legalization initiative that backers are seeking to qualify for the November ballot in Oregon.

Lewis, who died last year, had turned Progressive into one of the country’s largest auto insurers and was a major donor to marijuana legalization and medical marijuana campaigns around the country.

Lewis had given $96,000 to the Oregon initiative, sponsored by New Approach Oregon, before his death in November and there was speculation that his demise would seriously undercut the legalization effort in Oregon.  However, the latest contribution shows that his family is willing to provide additional support.

“It’s clear that his family is doing this to honor his legacy,” said Graham Boyd, a longtime adviser to Peter Lewis who is also heading the new committee, which is called New Approach PAC.

Billionaire Peter Lewis, Marijuana Legalization Advocate, Dies At 80

FLORIDA:  Peter Lewis, chairman of Progressive Insurance, died on Saturday afternoon at his home in Coconut Grove Florida apparently due to natural causes. He had just celebrated his 80th birthday on November 11. [Read more…]