Putting Pesticides In Their Place

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By Richard Freeman Pesticide use in the Cannabis industry has received some bad press lately.  In Colorado, producers have recalled several large batches of edibles over the last year due to pesticide contamination. In 2015, consumers in the same state sued a producer for selling organically-labeled products tainted with pesticides. Denver health officials quarantined 60,000 Read the full article…

Oregon Proposes Higher Medical Marijuana Fees

Marijuana is big business

OREGON:  Medical marijuana growers would be subject to a $200 annual fee for every patient they grow for under a proposal being considered by the Oregon Health Authority. Medical marijuana growers in Oregon can grow cannabis for up to four patients. Under current rules, the state charges $50 for every patient a grower takes on, but recent changes Read the full article…

Growing Sustainable Profits With Cannabis

Sustainable growing can reduce costs in the long-term and 

short-term, grow the kindest quality product, and sustain and preserve health in our own living 

environment. It benefits the growers, the consumers, and pretty much everyone else.

Dr. Richard Freeman, Ph.D. We’re hearing the word “sustainable” a lot these days. It’s coming from activists and journalists, from politicians and the marketing agents, writers, anyone in public life. I hear it talking with friends. Sustainable agriculture, sustainable development, and sustainable living – I certainly use the word, myself. So, when I use the Read the full article…

Regulating Water Use By Pot Farms

AB 243 represents a groundbreaking new vision for the future of California cannabis agriculture — especially when it comes to water use.

CALIFORNIA: The California Assembly plans to hold an unprecedented hearing on April 15 to examine a proposal to regulate a controversial, billion-dollar state crop: marijuana. At first glance, Humboldt County Assemblymember Jim Wood’s proposed regulation bill, the “Marijuana Watershed Protection Act” looks innocuous: It would add a single paragraph to the state’s water code, and one Read the full article…