Oregon Retail Licensees Required To STOP Collecting, Retaining Consumer Info

Collection of Customer Data Ends; Previously Collected Information Must Be Destroyed OREGON: Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed Senate Bill 863 into law on April 17, 2017. SB 863 prohibits marijuana retailers from recording, retaining or transferring information contained on a passport, driver’s license, military identification card or other identification card. What are marijuana retailers required to do? Beginning Read the full article…

Oregon Set To Shield Marijuana User Data From US Officials

By Kristena Hansen, Associated Press OREGON: Oregon state lawmakers who fear heightened marijuana enforcement by federal agents overwhelmingly approved Monday a proposal to protect pot users from having their identities or cannabis-buying habits from being divulged by the shops that make buying pre-rolled joints and “magic” brownies as easy as grabbing a bottle of whiskey from Read the full article…

Watch Your Pot Posts On Social Media

CYBERSPACE: We here at High Times have high hopes that everyone out there is careful with what you are posting on social media…because if you post the wrong thing, it can seriously come back to bite you in the ass.

School drug tests on the rise across North New Jersey

NEW JERSEY:  The Northern Valley Regional High School District’s plan to launch random drug testing angered parents, who turned out en masse at a recent Board of Education meeting to question a measure being considered by more and more North Jersey schools in the face of a growing teenage drug scourge.