Oregon House Bill 4014 Signed Into Law by Governor Kate Brown

House Bill 4014 Signed Into Law by Governor Kate Brown

by Larry J. Brant  As reported in my November 2015 blog post, in accordance with Internal Revenue Code (“Code”) Section 280E, taxpayers (for purposes of computing federal taxable income) are prohibited from deducting expenses related to the production, processing or sale of illegal drugs, including marijuana. A Bit of Welcome Relief? Measure 91, officially called the Control, Read the full article…

Recreational Marijuana Tax Begins In Oregon

he data speaks volumes. How is it that only 16 non retail marijuana licenses have been issued in four months. This is creating extreme economic hardship for many businesses.

OREGON: Starting this week, recreational marijuana sales in Oregon will be taxed at 25 percent.   Ever since medical marijuana dispensaries began selling recreational pot on October 1, the sales have been tax-free. The 25 percent tax applies to all recreational sales through the end of 2016. Later this year, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission will start Read the full article…

Love It Or Hate It, Consensus Is Colorado Prop AA Pot Tax Will Pass

When the legislature held its first public hearing last week for a bill concerning medical-marijuana regulations, people representing at least eight medical-marijuana advocacy organizations testified, voicing opinions on the measure that ranged from solid support to angry opposition.

COLORADO: It’s not just about forcing marijuana customers to pay more, it’s also about setting precedent for legalization around the country, say advocates opposed to the steep consumption tax voters are being asked to approve next month.