Language Of Politics Irks And Inspires Pot-Smoking Mom

“As far as we know, the legislation plans to make changes to both the civil and criminal code which might recriminalize some aspects of A64 in regard to parenting,” Pegram wrote.

COLORADO: Since the publication of my article “Lessons learned from Child Protective Services” I have been silently schooled by the Internet. Browsing early comments of the piece revealed that while I had captured the sentiments of CPS fairly well, I’d apparently really missed the mark on parents’ rights. You do not have to let someone in your Read the full article…

When They Ask You What Pot Is In School, You Tell Them It’s Something You Cook With

When they ask you what pot is in school, you tell them it’s something you cook with.

By Sandy Thompson Soderberg WASHINGTON:  Now while it is true, a pot is something you cook with, this is not what I was being talked to about. It was the early 80’s and the agenda in schools was to “educate” kids about drugs through a program called D.A.R.E. When my folks heard about this coming to the schools, Read the full article…

Smoke A Joint, Lose Your Kids

The idea that foster care is preferable to otherwise loving parents who happened to grow or occasionally smoke pot is absurd, especially given the state of foster care in some places.

MICHIGAN: You’d think that in the age of medical pot, legal pot in Colorado and Washington, and a majority of Americans in favor of legalizing the drug, we’d at least have ended the 1980s practice of snatching kids from pot-smoking parents. You’d be wrong.

Should Your Aging Parent Try Medical Marijuana?

She doesn’t get high, She doesn’t act weird.  She’s not craving the stuff. She is able to do what she normally does at home. Her helper is doing the lifting and grocery shopping while she recovers.  So far, so good.

CALIFORNIA: It started  with chronic insomnia. Alice, my 91 year old mother in law is generally willing to try new things, especially if she has hope that it will help with a problem.  She was tired of sleeping pills and the side effect of grogginess.