Pot Smoking Lottery Winner, Bob Erb Shows 420 Spirit – Leaves $10,000 Tip For Cooks Ailing Daughter

Who, but a compassionate (and financially secure) Stoner, would leave a $10,000 tip for a greasy burger and some fries? Not many… I’d be willing to guess. Fortunately for Clifford Luther, the owner of a burger joint named Old West Express, Bob Erb is just that type of empathetic pothead.
CANADA: On a recent road trip through the Canadian territory of Saskatchewan, Mr. Erb (suffering the munchies, I would guess) stopped in the Old West Express for some quick grinds…a burger and some fries. As the two men talked, Mr. Luther mentioned that his daughter had recently been diagnosed with cancer. To that, Mr. Erb confided in Mr. Luther that he had recently lost his 26 year old son to cancer. After finishing his burger Mr. Erb got back in his car and finished his road trip. A little while later… Mr. Erb found himself back at the Old West Express where he wrote a check for his meal…leaving a little something extra for the owner. About $10k. [Read more…]