Clarkston, WA Canna4life Shop Invites Voters To Come Look At New Pot Shop

WASHINGTON: There’s a ban on the sale of recreational marijuana in Clarkston, but that didn’t stop Kelly Jackson from inviting people to check out the city’s first pot shop (Friday) today.  

Washington State Attorney Dresses Up As Jedi To Sue City For Banning Retail Marijuana Sales

The power of the weed is strong with this one.

WASHINGTON:  The power of the weed is strong with this one. A Washington attorney dressed as a Jedi sued the city of Clarkston for banning retail marijuana sales, according to reports. Rick Laws, wearing a white swath similar to Luke Skywalker in the “Star Wars movies,” filed the motion against the city and four councilmen Read the full article…

Vail to extend temporary pot dispensary ban

With the 2015 session of the Iowa Legislature looming, advocates continue to push for measures that would loosen the restrictions on the use of marijuana or its derivatives in medical treatments.

COLORADO:  In a game of more wait-and-see, the Vail Town Council made the first of two steps Tuesday to extend a current temporary ban on recreational marijuana businesses. The council is waiting to see what consequences, if any, arise in other towns that allow the businesses to operate since last November’s passing of Amendment 64. Read the full article…