Medical marijuana in Oregon: Post-Prohibition Liquor Store In Portland Now Will Deal In A New Product

OREGON: Eighty years ago, a modest storefront on Northeast Sandy Boulevard opened to little fanfare. Given a bureaucratic name that offered no hint of what was sold inside, Store No. 2 was one of four places in Oregon where residents could legally buy a bottle of booze after more than a decade of Prohibition.

 When Store No. 2’s doors opened in the winter of 1934, it signaled the end of speakeasies and bootleg liquor.
Now, history is repeating itself at the vintage storefront. The space is set to open Tuesday as Pure Green, a medical marijuana facility.
Matthew and Meghan Walstatter, Pure Green’s owners, are among the growing ranks of Oregon marijuana entrepreneurs moving the market for the drug into the mainstream. Longtime cannabis consumers and growers, the Walstatters saw last year’s passage of House Bill 3460, the state’s dispensary law, as a chance to enter the lucrative marijuana business.