Hot Pot Products Review: The Utillian 720

By Dizzy Question

Vaporizer technology aimed at the cannabis consumer continues to evolve and impress.  The Utillian 720 is a sleek portable vaporizer for flower and wax with an intuitive design and impressive convection heating system.   After about a month of use, I highly recommend the Utillian 720. Simply put, the more I use it, the more I like it!


As I open the box that holds The Utillian 720 for the first time, I can’t help feeling a sense of De ja vu — it’s like unboxing an iPhone,  and for the price of $220 it ought to feel that way.  The Utillian 720’s all black appearance is simple and discrete.  It fits nicely into my hand.  With the presence of a singular white Utillian logo, it would be difficult to tell what this device is without context.   The vaporizer’s matte-black rubberized finish and curved geometry makes it comfortable to hold and gives me the confidence that it won’t slip and fall out of my hand. The Utillian 720 has one button which indicates that it is simple to use. The mouthpiece on the top of the vaporizer conveniently swivels to whatever position I want.  A strong magnet holds the top in place, and can be easily pulled off to allow for access to the herb chamber.

Ease of use:

  • The herb container is incredibly well designed. The fact that the chamber has a surrounding slope allows for fallen material to be easily cleaned up/pushed into the bowl. (EASY CLEAN UP)
  • Swivel mouth piece is nice because I can contain the vapor quickly, though the nozzle comes off relatively easily, even though that is probably for ease of clean.
  • Best way to hit the vape is by seeding it down with a burst of air post inhale of vapor.


  • I know that the vape is ready when the light turns solid, but I can also smell the herbs slightly, so discretion is possible but not in doors.
  • One of the more powerful vaporizers I’ve tried, in fact the most powerful!


Packaged with everything you need to get started.  Ships charged, with the following accessories:

  • Wax/Oil Chamber insert
  • Cleaning Brush, tweezers and dabber
  • interchangeable screens and bands
  • Charging cable

 MSRP:   $219