Industrial Hemp Facility Gets OK

COLORADO:  The Logan County Commissioners gave approval for an industrial hemp research and development processing facility during a business meeting Tuesday.

Jerry Bornhoft submitted an application for the building and operation of the research and development processing facility, as well as a two-acre greenhouse, for commercial use, to be located at 18091 County Road 35.

During the meeting, Rob Quint, of the Planning and Zoning Department, noted the Planning Commission recommended approval of the project at their Aug. 19 meeting. As part of their recommendation, the board gave conditions that there must be continued compliance with the Colorado Industrial Hemp Act and in the event the facility converts to expanded production the special use permit will need to be amended.

Jason Lauve, of Broomfield, who was key in drafting Colorado’s Industrial Hemp Bill in 2013 and the Phytoremediation Bill in 2012, spoke about the project.

“The hemp project to me is really important, because it’s going to start to give us the ability to demonstrate that we can utilize industrial hemp for specific purposes such as building, textile purposes, adhesives,” he said.