Medical Marijuana Supporters Make Final Push To Collect Petitions Ahead Of Oklahoma Ballot Deadline

OKLAHOMA:  Time is running out for a group hoping to get medical marijuana on the November ballot.

The group called Oklahomans for Health kicked off a petition drive in May. Supporters said they have since collected more than 120,000 signatures from registered voters who support the proposed constitutional amendment that would allow the sale, consumption, possession and growth of medical marijuana in Oklahoma.

Group leaders said they now need at least 30,000 additional signatures to get the medical marijuana issue on the ballot, and they expect it’s going to be close to meet that threshold.

“No one’s ever tried this before, and we’re trying to everybody the opportunity,” said Samuel Molik, a volunteer coordinator with Oklahomans for Health. “Ignore the politicians. Go around the state government–one person, one vote, direct democracy. Come down here (and) sign this petition. We get it on the ballot November 4, and it could be legal January 1.”