Jeff Mizanskey, Sentenced To Life With No Parole On Marijuana-Related Charge, Walks Free

MISSOURI:  A man sentenced to life in prison without parole on a marijuana-related charge walked out of a Missouri prison a free man on Tuesday, after spending two decades behind bars.

The release of Jeff Mizanskey followed years of lobbying from family, lawmakers and advocates for the legalization of marijuana, who argued that the sentence was too stiff.

Mizanskey was sentenced in 1996 after police said he conspired to sell 6 pounds of marijuana to a dealer connected to Mexican drug cartels. The life with no parole sentence was allowed under a Missouri law for persistent drug offenders; Mizanskey already had two drug convictions — one for possession and sale of marijuana in 1984 and another for possession in 1991.

Colorado Considers Marijuana Use By People On Probation

COLORADO:  Colorado lawmakers started work Thursday on a proposal to allow people on probation or parole to use medical marijuana.

The state has allowed medical marijuana use for 15 years — but not for people on probation or parole.

A bill facing its first test Thursday in the state House would change that policy by saying that pot use doesn’t amount to a probation violation for people with medical clearance to use the drug.

WA Parolees To Get Right To Smoke Pot

WASHINGTON: Washington’s Department of Corrections is planning to allow parolees to smoke marijuana starting next week, KING 5 News has confirmed.

The policy will permit the state’s 14,000 parolees to consume marijuana like any other Washington citizen under I-502, the legalization initiative passed by voters in 2012.

We’re putting some changes into effect so that we won’t routinely test offenders in the community for THC,” said Annmarie Aylward, DOC’s assistant secretary.

THC is the compound in marijuana that produces the high sought by users. The Corrections Department currently tests parolees‘ urine for traces of six types of drugs. But the test for THC will stop as of June 1.