Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program Mandatory Product Recall – 3/13/2020

OHIO: The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) is issuing a mandatory product recall on plant material cultivated by Pure Ohio Wellness. This recall is being initiated by the MMCP because product that did not receive the full battery of required testing was sold at dispensaries. The product was not tested for heavy metals, water activity, microbials, mycotoxins, or foreign matter. The MMCP has initiated an investigation into the noncompliance and identified product samples to be tested. These results will be communicated publicly.


Product Name: Papaya Punch, Hiker’s Blend, and Tahoe Jack

Purchase Dates: May 10, 2019 – Present

Cultivator Name: Pure Ohio Wellness

Product ID:
• M00000022503: Tier 1 Vap-Hybrid-16.4-.04-Papaya Punch
• M00000022504: Tier 1 Vap-Hybrid-16.9-.07-Hikers Blend
• M00000022506: Tier 1 Vap-Hybrid-18.6-.03-Tahoe Jack
• M00000028027: Tier 1 Vap-Hybrid-14.21-0.05
• M00000032648: Tier 1 Vap-Hybrid-14.48-0.03
• M00000036302: Tier 1 Vap-Sativa-15.50-0
• M00000036303: Tier 1 Vap-Sativa-18.50-0
• M00000036307: Tier 1 Vap-Sativa-14.75-0
• M00000039234: Tier 1 Vap-Sativa-18.50-0 (103) 28.3g
• M00000039235: Tier 1 Vap-Sativa-14.75-0 (104) 8.49g
• M00000039236: Tier 1 Vap-Sativa-14.75-0 (104) 28.3g
• M00000039239: Tier 1 Vap-Sativa-14.75-0 (107) 8.49g
• M00000039240: Tier 1 Vap-Sativa-14.75-0 (107) 28.3g
• M00000039241: Tier 1 Vap-Sativa-15.50-0 (108) 8.49g
• M00000039242: Tier 1 Vap-Sativa-15.50-0 (108) 28.3g

No reports of adverse reactions for this product have been reported to the MMCP at this time.

Patients who have purchased the recalled product should stop using it. All unused product should be returned to the dispensary where purchased. Returned products will not count toward a patient’s 90-day possession limit. For more information on returns, please contact the dispensary where the product was purchased.

Anyone who thinks that they may be experiencing serious or life-threatening issues should seek immediate medical attention. Patients are reminded that any adverse reactions should be reported to the MMCP toll-free helpline (1-833-464-6627).