“Not For Kids” Warning Label: What It Means For Your Cannabis Business

By Jason Lammers

Effective Feb 14th, 2017 the new Not for Kids warning symbol will be required on all cannabis edibles. Here’s what it means for your cannabis business.

  • The LCB is defining marijuana edibles as “marijuana infused products meant to be eaten or swallowed”
  • Warning symbol must be a minimum size of ¾” tall x ½” wide
  • Warning symbol can not be changed in any way except for sizing purposes (as long as the minimum sizes mentioned above are met)
  • Warning symbol can be incorporated into your branded packaging or be applied as a label onto your existing packaging.
  • Warning symbol must be on the front of your cannabis packaging.
  • Warning symbol cannot cover or obscure any other information required to be on the package.
  • Warning symbol must have a black border around the edges when the label or packaging is also white to ensure good visibility

The new warning symbol requirements came about, due to concerns from the Washington Poison Center, because of an increase in calls from kids eating marijuana edibles. The 800 number on the new warning symbol is an emergency helpline, that is a free and confidential resource.

The warning symbol requirement is a great example of how both the public and private sectors worked together to craft sensible legislation to address this issue. Once it was determined that a warning symbol was needed to keep kids away from Marijuana edibles, original drafts were going to require a Mr Yuk sticker be applied to all Cannabis edibles. Clearly, anyone in the edibles industry didn’t want a Mr Yuk sticker on their edibles packaging as that would only create more confusion to the consumer. Thanks to a variety of cannabis industry leaders & organizations providing feedback to the Liquor and Cannabis Board, they listened, and developed a new more sensible warning symbol that would both be an effective warning symbol and not confuse cannabis consumers.

If you work in the cannabis industry this should be an important lesson to us all to get involved and help steer sensible cannabis legislation in the right direction. This is our industry, and the LCB does listen, so it’s on us to make sure our voice is heard. There are a bunch of great cannabis groups you can join to make sure you’re involved. Here’s a few of my favorites.

Cannabis Alliance – http://www.thecannabisalliance.us/

NORML – http://norml.org/wa/item/washington-norml

NCIA – http://thecannabisindustry.org/join-now/

MJBA – http://mjba.net/


For more questions on the Not for Kids Warning Symbol and/or general packaging questions you can hear me talk at Canncon on the packaging panel on Feb 18th and come see me at our booth at Cannacon Feb 16-18th, booth #141.

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