Legislative Panel Backs Sales Tax For Marijuana

OREGON:  The state lawmakers preparing for Oregon’s legal marijuana program are supporting a sales tax for the drug.

A joint House-Senate committee approved a sales tax of up to 20 percent on Tuesday, setting the stage for a vote in the full House.

The sales tax would replace a tax on growers that was originally approved by voters as part of last year’s Measure 91.

Lawmakers say they’re aiming for a tax rate and method that allows legal marijuana to compete with pot from the black market. Medical marijuana users would not have to pay the tax.



What You Need To Know Before You Grow Marijuana In Oregon

OREGON:  Business is brisk when it comes to selling marijuana clones. The plants, rooted clippings from mature plants, are the most common way Oregon medical marijuana patients interested in growing their own cannabis get their crop started.

Starting July 1, 2015, households will be allowed to have up to four marijuana plants, a provision already generating interest among people interested in growing recreational pot at home.

Joel Jennings, an owner of Five Zero Trees, a Southeast Portland medical marijuana dispensary, expects the state’s regulated marijuana industry to see robust sales in pot plants once Oregon’s legal marijuana law goes into effect July 1, 2015.

Jennings stocks at least four strains — Northern Lights, Super Silver Haze, Mt. Hood Magic and a fourth with a profane name not suitable for print. He figures he sells about 300 plants a month.