Oregon Marijuana Laws: The Status Of Residency Requirements After HB 3400 (Part 4)

By Dave Kopilak

OREGON: In Part 3 of this series, I discussed the residency rules for Ballot Measure 91 businesses that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (“OLCC”) distributed to members of the Rules Advisory Committee on August 14. The OLCC has not yet made any changes to those rules. However, there is some news to report.

On September 3, Amy Margolis and I met with Steve Marks (Executive Director) and Jesse Sweet from the OLCC to discuss the residency rules. The purpose of the meeting was not to debate the merits of the OLCC’s policy decisions regarding residency. Rather, we were there to: (1) find out what the OLCC’s policy was in the first place; and (2) discuss ways in which: (a) the language in the rules could be clarified; and (b) certain common business organization structures could be specifically addressed. Our firm’s only goal was to attempt to assist the OLCC in making the rules as clear as is reasonably possible, so that license applicants will have some relative certainty (before they file their applications!) that their business organization structures are permissible under the rules. We informed the OLCC that our firm does not support residency requirements and that, in fact, we were reserving the right to assist one or more of our clients in challenging the residency rules.

OLCC’s Current Policy

We were informed that the OLCC’s policy is as follows:

  1. Ownership – 51% of the ownership interests must be owned by two-year Oregon residents.
  2. Management – 100% of the individuals who are directly involved in the operation or management of the business must be two-year Oregon residents.