The World Famous Cannabis Cafe To Reopen This Summer

OREGON:  In 2009, The World Famous Cannabis Cafe became the first cafe in the United States for state-authorized medical marijuana cardholders to socialize and safely medicate. Even though the Cafe had a bumpy start in the beginning, it quickly became legendary—it really was world-famous—but after upgrading their Montavilla location, they closed in June 2014 after the city requested costly seismic improvements and new laws eliminated the ability for patients to medicate on location. Now that Measure 91 has passed, and anyone 21 and up will be able to consume marijuana on private property, The World Famous Cannabis Cafe is set to re-open later this summer. The new building will be on Southeast Foster, and founder Madeline Martinez, who was formerly the executive director of Oregon NORML is looking forward to making it the best version yet. “Third time’s a charm,” says Martinez.

For some idea of what to expect, take a tour of the original World Famous Cannabis Cafe: