Oregon House Delays Vote On Medical Marijuana Dispensary Bill

The Oregon House voted Monday to delay consideration of a controversial medical marijuana dispensary bill until Tuesday.

OREGON:  The Oregon House delayed a vote on a bill that would grant local governments more control over medical marijuana dispensaries Monday. Controversy over the timing of a vote on the bill led to an early end to the House floor session Friday. The bill has support in the House to pass, but it faces Read the full article…

Oregon House narrowly approves bill legalizing medical marijuana dispensaries

Rich Studley of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce says businesses are in a “no-win situation.” He says employers would have to ignore marijuana use or else pay higher unemployment taxes if a fired worker collects unemployment aid.

OREGON: The state House voted 31-27 on Monday to legalize and regulate dispensaries. The bill goes next to the Senate. Under existing law, the state’s nearly 55,000 medical marijuana cardholders must grow the pot themselves or find a person to grow it for them.