Medical Marijuana Shops Will Legally Operate In Santa Ana

CALIFORNIA:  After spending years chasing illegal medical marijuana shops out of town, some cities in Orange County have found a new way to play defense.

If you can’t beat them – legalize them.

“The city is regulating instead of the medical dispensaries regulating us,” said Sal Tinajero, Mayor Pro Tem for the city of Santa Ana.

On Thursday, the city of Santa Ana will hold a lottery to give 12 to 20 prospective pot shop owners a chance to obtain a permit to legally sell marijuana.  The city received more than 600 applications for spots,  bringing in more than $1 million in application fees.


Santa Ana Accepts Applications For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

CALIFORNIA:  Officials in Santa Ana on Wednesday began accepting applications from people interested in opening up medical marijuana facilities.

Voters approved Measure BB allowing for the legal sale of medical marijuana in Orange County.

Santa Ana was the first city to accept applications in Orange County.

CBS2’s Michele Gile said more then 75 people lined up at City Hall and applied for the licenses Wednesday.